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Hanergy Thin Film Modules
a)  Thin Film Technology
Thin film solar module as the second generation of solar panel gains much attention and shows a bright path for sustainable development of power supply.

ECP employ the thin film solar module from parent company (Hanergy), which is amorphous Silicone based technique. The a-Si based thin film module has several advantages:

1. Lower manufacturing Cost
a) Save more raw materials especially on silicone materials. For instance, commercially available crystalline based PV modules commonly are utilizing a solar cell with a silicone layer thickness around 200µm. whereas, for a silicone based thin film solar module, the thickness is typical less than 1µm.
b) Relatively uncomplicated processing, which enables the shorter production cycle thereby lower down the manufacturing cost.
c) Lower energy consuming during production.
d) Easier assembly which enables large scale production.

2.  Shorter Payoff period on energy consuming
Table.1 The energy consumption when producing a solar module
In long term, the demands for amorphous based thin film solar module will gain more shares through the PV market. The figure below shows the trend in 25 years.

Fig. 1 Market share among certain types of PV modules (Reference: Winfried Hoffmann, 19th EPVSEC (2004/06))

b) Hanergy thin film module specification


Fig.2 Configuration of Hanergy's thin film solar module

Hanergy thin film solar module is based on low cost thin film technique. Besides, thin film module can generate more power at dawn, during twilight or cloudy days due to higher low light sensitivity. In the same location, thin film panels can generate 10% to 15% more electricity per year than other traditional c-Si based module technologies; what's more, it shows better performance at higher temperature compare to conventional crystalline based solar module due to lower temperature coefficient, which makes Amorphous Silicon Modules the best choice for higher temperature applications.

Limited warranties
> 5 Years product warranty
> 90% of the specified minimum output of the module for a 10 years period
> 80% of the specified minimum output of the module for a 25 years period

Data Sheet
Table1. Configuration Characteristics

Table2. Electrical Characteristics at STC (1000W/m2, 25˚C, AM 1.5)

Table3. Temperature Coefficients

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