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Nowadays, although fossil fuel is still the dominated energy source worldwide, under the circumstances of the limited energy supply of petroleum which can only support global activities for 3-4 decades, solar energy, as one of renewable energies grows rapidly, and swiftly becomes an important source of future energy supply solution.

ECP has seized the opportunity and devote itself to develop solar energy so as to help the sustainable development of the world.

The solar energy service contains a turn-Key Solution and EPC service for solar power plants:

a. On-grid ground based solar farm
Solar Power plants Provide attractive returns and good feed in tariffs guaranteed by various government across the world. There is no carbon emission or noise, which is an environment-friendly energy generation system. What's more, Solar power plants need little attention after the completion of construction and grid connection, The Operation and maintenance costs are relatively much lower than other forms of energy generation systems. 

In order to feed powers, the solar power plants will eventually be connected to the public electricity grid after the generated electricity from solar panels passes though the PV inverter and the substation.

b. On-grid roof-top system

PV Roof-top system can be used for Household Application. If the grid connection system is producing more power than is being consumed, the extra power can be fed into the net work of the utility grid via an electrical meter, thus you can obtain benefits on the energy that your PV System generated.

In general, ECP could provide a turn-key solution on the establishment of a solar power plant:
> Commercial Services on Financing and insurance with the help of experienced ECP expertise.
> Project development including project feasibility study, cooperation/partnership negotiation, project calculations on solar irradiation, Soil condition, Temperature, geographical parameters, as well as the precise project cost estimation and profit estimation.
> Material sourcing by utilizing thin film solar panels and inverters from its parent company Hanergy Holding Group.
> System integration services by ECP subsidiary EPC company, which is capable to undertake project designing, construction, quality control, operation and maintenance of the power plant with its abundant EPC experiences.

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