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China Carbon

China Carbon is co-invested by Europe China Power BV. It is a CER pool for producers in China. The unique characteristics are:
1. The first CER transaction center in the world set up by the producers.
2. Strong understanding and control on project sources. Outstanding CDM teams in China and Europe.
3. Projects of ECP and Projects of ECP partners.
4. CERs produced from hydro power, wind power and other renewable projects.
5. Guaranteed CER supply schedule for CER users.
6. The various forms of transactions of CER supply by stock, forward contracts or combination of both.
7. China Carbon is registered in Europe

 For detailed information, please refer to    http://www.chinacarbonfund.com/    

Europe China Power B.V.
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Tel: 31-20-6753588 Fax: 31-20-6753538 e-mail: info@chinapower.nl website: www.chinapower.nl