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Europe China Power B.V. ("ECP"), registered in the Netherlands, is a limited liability company entirely owned by Hanergy Holding Group.

ECP is to actively invest in Europe and China in green energy projects by making full use of Chinese and international capital, technology, markets and operational expertise, and ultimately to become the most important partner of development, investment and operational partner for Europe and China in green energy and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Europe goes ahead of China in green energy investment and development, while China shows tremendously potentials and holds a huge market in terms of hydropower, wind power, solar energy and other sources of renewable energy. The Chinese government has given active support and incentive to the development of green energy in recent years, and has provided quite favorable conditions and policies for investors, especially international funds. Meanwhile, the European governments have provided well-established atmosphere for advanced technology innovation as well as market space to the enterprises in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction, wind power and solar energy.

ECP has gained strong back-up from its parent company (Hanergy Holding Group) in terms of financial, law, management as well as project engineering, quality control and technical services. Besides, ECP is an expertise in energy business plus more than 10 years overseas market experiences. Now ECP is devoted to invest in and develop solar power generation, wind power generation and other forms of energy projects. 

In PV industry, the projects investments and developments are on going, which includes the development and investment of solar power plants, supplying of solar panels as well as engineering, system integration and technical services with regard to PV power plants. In wind energy, ECP invested Rudong Wind Farm (100MW) in Jiangsu was put into operation in 2008. Besides, according to ECP's development plan, ECP will, within 5 years to come, finish together with other investment partners an investment of 1.5 billion Euros by making the full use of capital on both the Chinese and European capital markets, making itself an important participator in green projects in China and Europe and delivering a satisfactory reward to investors. The China Renewable Energy Fund (CREF), an investment project of ECP, functions as an important channel for European renewable energy funds to flow into related projects in China. What's more, ECP began in 2003 to actively provide one-stop services for its partners and the enterprises that made investments in China, including CDM project development, PDD documentation and CERs marketing/financing. Dozens of projects has been completed or under development, including Rudong Wind Farm in Jiangsu. China Carbon (www.chinacarbonfund.com), co-invested by ECP, now is actively providing CDM projects in China with powerful CERs financing channels and marketing services, while providing adequate and stable carbon emission reductions for related governments, organizations and enterprises in Europe.

ECP has actively involved in developing new products and investment fields and it will stick to its core business of clean energy and energy conservation and emission reduction. We are fully confident in the bright future of ECP.


Europe China Power B.V.
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